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Go Beyond the Essentials of Cybersecurity

Fending off digital attacks requires a lot more than installing an anti-virus software and firewall. A comprehensive cybersecurity framework combines the Essential Eight (technical controls) and security awareness and training (human factor). Worktopia takes on the heavy-duty work for you, providing threat management and ongoing cybersecurity training to strengthen your defense against evolving cyber threats.

Better safe than sorry

Cybercrimes are targeted at small businesses just as much as large enterprises. According to the latest data from the Australian Cyber Security Center, the average cost per cybercrime for a small business is $39,000. Financial impact apart, you’re legally obligated to report a data breach to your customers. As a cyber breach suggests a lack of foresight on your part, it could weaken the bond of trust you worked so hard to build with them.

A business can claim robust digital defence only if it keeps pace with the evolving cyber threat landscape. Unfortunately, implementing strategies, advanced tools and security training for staff can get too much for small businesses.

We understand the unique challenges you face in protecting your valuable assets against cyberattacks. We make strong cybersecurity possible for your business. With us, you never have to make security concessions or sacrifices that come to haunt you later.

Let us take over your cybersecurity

Remote work has only raised the risk of data breaches and other cyberattacks, which are growing in sophistication and scale. Whether you have largely remote teams or a hybrid work model, we can build a digital fortress around you and help foster a risk-aware culture within your organization.

Meet the Essential Eight

In modern cybersecurity, the Essential Eight constitute the mitigation strategies that prevent attacks, reduce their impact, and assist in the timely recovery from incidents. We use the Essential Eight framework, among other industry best practices, to build a rock-solid cybersecurity foundation for your business. No doubt some of these strategies can be handled in-house. But implementing them consistently is often difficult for businesses that have competing priorities.

For example, failing to take daily data backups creates the risk of permanently losing important data in the aftermath of a cyberattack. We do cybersecurity 24/7. When you rely on us to keep your data safe and recoverable, we do it as part of our routine job. To cite an example, we take backups of Microsoft 365 data three times daily with a minimum retention of one year.

Leverage AI to deal with evolving threats

We’re equipped to deal with sophisticated cyber threats. Our cutting-edge technologies and AI-driven tools monitor, detect, and respond to evolving threats and risks posed by the multiplication of work devices. They have eyes on your desktops, email, logins and locations. They spot unusual behavior, report it, and respond effectively to it, preventing a worst-case scenario.

Enroll your staff in our Cyber Academy

Cybersecurity training is more effective when it’s a part of the employee onboarding process. Practicing good cybersecurity from Day 1 helps build constructive habits. Worktopia makes cybersecurity training stick with ongoing, and where required, 1-on-1 training. We tailor training to your business requirements and ensure that your employees are never left out of the cybersecurity conversation.

Our onboarding provides your staff with a clear understanding of why certain security protocols are in place and the behaviors that harm your cybersecurity. Employees that have the right knowledge of cybersecurity will contribute to keeping your sensitive data safe. Our Cyber Academy has played a vital role in creating a sense of shared responsibility and accountability among our customers’ staff.


Smart cybersecurity begins here.

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