Managed 365

Not Just Email & Spreadsheets - It's Your IT hub.

Microsoft 365 is not just your standard suite for email and collaboration. Consider it your enterprise’s operational hub – already robust but capable of achieving unparalleled efficiency.

Our Managed 365 service amplifies its capabilities by integrating advanced features from Microsoft Business Premium, such as Intune and Microsoft Defender for Business. The result? A comprehensive IT solution that transcends the ordinary.

Robust Security Measures

Leveraging the robust security features of Microsoft 365, we build a fortress-like defense against cyber threats, ensuring the safety of your critical data.

Rapid Response Solutions

Concerned about IT bottlenecks slowing you down? Rest easy. Our rapid response team ensures seamless operations, empowering your workforce to stay focused and efficient.

Integration As Smooth As a Jedi Mind Trick

Looking for a perfect fit? Our Managed 365 service integrates so smoothly, you'd think it's a Jedi Mind Trick - no operational hiccups, just enhanced productivity.

Future-Ready Technology

The landscape of technology is ever-changing. We keep you not just up-to-date, but ahead of the curve, ensuring your tools are always state-of-the-art.

The Worktopia Security Baseline for Adaptive Protection in a Dynamic Landscape

Cyber threats are ever-evolving, requiring constant vigilance and adaptation. Our Managed 365 strategy is built on the Worktopia Security Baseline, offering dynamic, tailored protection optimized for Microsoft 365.

The Essential Eight:
Our Mandalorian Codes

Much like a Mandalorian’s code, our core service principles are unbreakable. These strategies amplify your IT defense, ensuring even the most cunning of cyber bounty hunters don’t stand a chance.

From Application Whitelisting (only the chosen apps shall pass) to Daily Backups (because even Jedi Masters sometimes need a do-over), we’ve got every aspect of your IT empire covered.

Application Whitelisting

Like a Jedi-only gathering, we only grant access to apps that align with the Light Side of your system. No Sith programs sneak past us!

Patch Applications

We're not just updating; we're fortifying your digital fortress.

Harden Those Office Macro Settings

Trust is earned, not given. We keep macros on a tight leash.

User App Hardening

Restrict the use of web browsers and PDF readers that can execute unapproved code, minimizing potential avenues of attack.

Restrict Administrative Privileges

Limit admin rights to essential users to reduce the spread of malicious software and the extent of data breaches.

Patch Operating Systems

Like giving your systems a shiny new suit of armor. Regularly.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Two checks are better than one. Especially when it comes to your security.

Daily Backups

We ensure your Death Star plans (and other vital data) are safe. Regular backups to guard against ransomware rebels and those "Oh no, I didn't mean to!" blunders.

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