Cutting-Edge IT Consulting

Worktopia provides you with trusted Aussie advise on technology adoption as your business scales.

Think of us as your as-need IT team with expert advice as your technology needs increase.

Strategy Design

From digital transformation to infrastructure upgrade, we can draft a tailored, future-proof strategy to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Security Compliance Process Design

We can audit and draft Cybersecurity compliance process for you to achieving and maintaining high-level security compliance to protect your digital assets.

Training and Skill Development

Equip your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to new technologies swiftly and securely through our custom training sessions.

Efficiency Auditing

Discover the gaps and opportunities in your current tech setup. Our efficiency audits are designed to unveil areas of improvement to save costs and boost productivity.

Vendor Neutral Advice

Get unbiased, vendor-neutral advice that focuses solely on what s best for your business, ensuring you make informed and beneficial tech decisions.

We’re creating workplaces that are more secure, productive, integrated and where tech just works!

It’s your Worktopia.

Stress Free Tech

We are there for every
stage of your growth.


Tailored for teams and individuals operating primarily on web/mobile, ensuring they stay connected and protected.
Every plan includes:


Designed for professional office teams, integrating advanced tools and security to enhance daily workflows.
Everything in Basics, plus:


A comprehensive solution for executives and mobile teams demanding the best support and advanced features.
Everything in Essentials, plus:


The ultimate IT package for those with specific regulatory or complex needs, combining the best in tech and security.
Everything in Standard, plus: