The Worktopians

Diverse Paths, One Shared Vision

At Worktopia, our strength lies in the collective passion, expertise, and dedication of our team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, underpinned by a shared commitment to innovation, excellence, and authentic customer service. As you explore the profiles below, you’ll discover the diverse journeys and the unwavering drive that define the heart and soul of our company. Welcome to the Worktopia family.

Meet the Worktopians

Nathan Morris is the Founder and Chief Technologist at Worktopia. He steers both business operations and the delivery of cutting-edge solutions. With roots that trace back to his early computer store venture at 16, Nathan’s two-decade journey showcases his commitment to driving innovation and leveraging the power of technology for businesses.

Mitchell Pearce started his tech journey as a service technician before serving in the Australian Army. In the military, he honed his skills, discipline, and adaptability, and post-service, transitioned back to the tech world. Mitchell possesses a keen passion for networks and connectivity, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced communication for every client.

Jarum Hatch brings a diverse IT background to the Worktopia team, having delved into a range of technical roles before dedicating nearly five years to serving as a Cloud Support Engineer with us. His hands-on experience and passion for simplifying complex tech challenges make him a go-to expert for navigating the ever-changing IT landscape.

Your Success is Our Priority.

With decades of IT mastery, Worktopia’s technologists, engineers, advisors, and support specialists are dedicated to your business’s growth and success. Experience the personalized touch and unmatched expertise of our team. Reach out today for a consultation, and discover how we can solve your most pressing IT challenges