Carrick Aland: Five Years of Worktopia for Australia’s Top Regional Accounting Firm


In the world of accounting, where precision, integrity, and timeliness are paramount, Carrick Aland stands as a testament to excellence. With a lineage tracing back to 1953 and a legacy of providing top-tier services, Carrick Aland represents not just the past, but also the future of regional accounting.

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The Challenge

When Carrick Aland was formed in 2011 from the merger of Carrick Ashmead and Aland & Co Accountants, they faced a unique challenge: integrating their long-standing traditions with the demands of a modern business environment. Their clientele, spanning multiple generations of farming families and business owners, required not only impeccable accounting services but also a modern touch that catered to the evolving business landscape.

The Journey Begins
with Worktopia

This journey started with a bold move – transitioning to the cloud. While many firms were slow to embrace the cloud, Carrick Aland, in partnership with Worktopia, was on the front foot, recognizing the potential of leveraging modern technology to better serve their clients. Over the years, as the business landscape evolved and the adoption of SaaS tools became the norm in the accounting industry, Carrick Aland, under the guidance of Worktopia, refined and evolved their IT infrastructure. This wasn’t just about staying up-to-date; it was about leading the charge.

Client-Centric Approach with Modern Tools

Carrick Aland’s dedication to their clients is evident. Their mission revolves around enabling the desired lifestyles of their clients by managing and growing their wealth efficiently. This personalized approach, combined with Worktopia’s innovative solutions, allowed them to offer a professional, yet personal service. Embracing modern SaaS tools meant they could provide timely services, streamline workflow, cater to changing client needs, and achieve their mission effectively. Their forward-thinking approach was especially beneficial during COVID-19, allowing offsite work and keeping jobs onshore, distinguishing them from many firms in the market.

Investing in the Future

But it wasn’t just about adopting new tools. Carrick Aland’s investment in technology and systems, as evidenced by their role as a Beta testing firm for leading accounting software providers, shows their commitment to innovation. With Worktopia’s expertise, they ensured that their investments were not just timely but future-proof.


Today, Carrick Aland isn’t just known for their decades of experience or their deep-rooted client relationships. They’re also recognized for their forward-thinking approach, one that melds tradition with innovation.

Together with their IT partners at Worktopia, Carrick Aland has showcased that with the right approach, even the most traditional businesses can be at the forefront using modern technology solutions and evolving to meet client demand and industry best practice.

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